About the Artist

A woman sitting with her dog. She is wearing jeans and a blue sweater

Margaret Dahlberg is dedicated to inspiring joy and connection in people of all ages. Born and raised in Calgary, she is an award winning pianist, composer, songwriter, family coach and music educator.

Margaret studied piano performance at Mount Royal Conservatory (A. Mus.), Cleveland Institute of Music (B.Mus.) and University of Calgary (M. Mus). She has been on faculty at the Mount Royal University in the Conservatory and the Gifted Student’s Academy as a teacher, chamber musician and coach. She has performed throughout Western Canada and the United States. 

Margaret has combined her musical knowledge and her love of children to create a music program for pre-school aged children. Her program, Music Kids at Chinook School of Music, oversees a team of teachers and teaches hundreds of children every year from babies to 5 year olds. In her private studio, she teaches classical, pop, chording and song writing.

In 2012, Maggie completed the requirements for life-coach training with the internationally renowned CTI Coaches Training Institute. Since then she has practiced as a coach. Now she combines her coaching skills with her musical skills and creates original music during her coachings to reflect her client’s mental and emotional state of mind. This helps clients move quickly and efficiently through their process. Margaret composes therapeutic music that is uniquely personal for her clients to use as a coping tool that will help them find support between sessions. This creates an opportunity to control the frequency of appointments plus increase the potential for her clients learn to independently manage their challenges. 

Margaret’s song-writing endeavours led her to create a musical comedy with a script and song. Her show “Love: An Algo-rhythmic Study” was awarded ‘Best of Fest’ at the Fringe Festival in Calgary, Alberta in August 2019. In 2020 she reworked it as a one woman show and renamed it “So This Is #Love?” and has been performing it in Covid appropriate outdoor settings to high acclaim.

As a singer-songwriter and composer, Maggie’s albums include adult contemporary, music as therapy, tribute music, and children’s music. Her song “Hand in Hand” (2014) and album “I Like Making Music” (2015) were on the Grammy Award’s longlist.  In 2018 she was commissioned to create a Canadian Special Olympics Team Motto Anthem (2019). The song was recorded by a Gold Medalist Special Olympian. She has created 3 Music Therapy Albums: I, II & III which are original compositions inspired by clients.

Most recently (2020), she has started a podcast called Guided Harmonies, which combines her music with written words to create a therapeutic experience for the listener. In her own words “Everyone deserves to feel better, no matter what they can afford.”